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We LOVE cloth diapers, I mean REALLY love them. We have a stash of over 220 diapers (AKA fluff) just for our two boys. They have truly been such a blessing to us.

What are some of the benefits to cloth diapers?

  • They save from diaper rashes, whether during teething or along our babies growth till they are potty trained.
  • Once you have a staff of “fluff”, you don’t have the ongoing expense like disposable diapers.
  • Blowouts are reduced because they fit better and are made to be rewashed and reused.
  • The carbon footprint is so much smaller since you can reuse the diapers over and over again.
  • They are far cuter!

What can I expect in a typical box?

You can always expect at least one diaper. Brand, styles, print, and material may differ from month to month. Its a great way to try out new products that you have had your eye on but didn’t want to spend your diaper allowance on for fear of wasting it. The rest of the box will be a surprise…we promise the suspense will be worth it. Countless hours are spent searching for the best sample products to include in each box. We want the boxes to be not only useful, but fun.

How have cloth diapers changed through the years?

Instead of rewriting the book all over again, here is a website that helped me to learn more when I was beginning. Hopefully, you can find it useful too.

How does the service work?

We do all the hard work of finding quality diapers and useful samples to send you. All you need to do is choose which gender you would like, add it to the cart, enter your information and you’re done! Once we receive your order, we will stuff the fluff in an envelope and ship it your way. We are shipping out our boxes weekly. Order by 4 PM EST Tuesday and yours will be included in the weekly shipment.

What's the difference between a monthly and annual subscription?


The boxes are identical but by purchasing an annual subscription you receive one month free. Even the shipping is free! This is a great idea for a baby shower gift, new moms, or anniversary and birthday gifts.

If I want more than just one diaper, is there an option for that?

We currently do not have an option for adding on an extra diaper for a family with multiples. We are always open to feedback, though, and if there is a large enough request for this, we may add the option down the line.

Can I save the shipping costs?

Absolutely! You just need to be close enough to Bridgeport, WV to be able to pick up the box. Unless you want to make a long journey, it usually is cheaper just to have it shipped, and then it’s a fun surprise when you open the mailbox as opposed to other bills!

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

There are no fees to cancel or any additional financial burden on you.

Obviously, we would be so sad to see you go 🙁

We understand that things come up. Just log in to your account, click subscriptions, and then click to view the subscription that you are concerned with, and then simply click on cancel subscription.

Do you sell other things besides subscriptions?

We always have gift cards available. Sometimes as we have overstocked items we will sell these separately as well. As there is more demand, we may expand, so if you are interested in seeing something here, please let us know!

I'm still not convinced, why should I do this?

There is so much that I could say here, but let me leave you with this input from my husband, Stephen:

“I was really skeptical about cloth diapers.

“The initial investment, changing dirty diapers, washing dirty diapers, stuffing them and don’t even get me started on things like rise and a proper fit. But my wife is a saver and very natural, so I let her try it out. Let’s face it, the saying of “happy wife, happy life” couldn’t be truer.

So I did some basic math…I knew the initial investment was going to be about $300 for the diapers “we” chose. I checked out the name brand sposies and even the store brand, and after a few calculations on my phone in the middle of the diaper aisle, I knew I had to say the dreaded words… “you’re right honey.” So we dove in, head first. All on one style. Which thankfully, we loved 95% and didn’t have any major issues.

But I kept telling her that I wish we had a way to test out some other styles without spending a ton of extra money.

Even though she loves to #buyallthediapers and occasionally splurges on a diaper that she “just has to have,” we have saved so much with cloth, especially now that we have two in fluff. With this subscription box, you get the chance to try out lots of options, usually at a substantial discount, to see which diapers work for you and baby. We aren’t pros, but after two years of cloth, we are pretty knowledgeable and would be glad to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the subscription box or cloth diapers in general. We love cloth, and we want to share that love with you.