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Welcome to What Da Fluff! We are a family owned and operated company located in North Central West Virginia. You can expect the items you receive always to be affordable and high quality. We wouldn’t send you anything we wouldn’t put on our children. Whether you are just starting out on your cloth diapering journey or you know What Da Fluff you are doing and just want to try new brands, we promise you will love our boxes!

We LOVE cloth diapers, I mean REALLY love them. We have a stash of over

220 diapers (AKA fluff) just for our two boys. They have truly been such a blessing to us.

They save from diaper rashes, whether during teething or along our babies growth till they are potty trained. When money was tight, they’ve reduced costs since the investment is upfront. The dreaded blowouts were reduced because they simply cover better.

And let’s just face it… there is nothing cuter than a baby in just fluff and a shirt!

We are always searching for cute new fluff to add to our stash, and that’s how the idea formed for What Da Fluff. We want to provide a fun, quality box that parents look forward to each month.

Each month you can always expect at least one diaper. Brand, styles, print, and material may differ from month to month. It’s a great way to try out new products that you have had your eye on but didn’t want to spend your diaper allowance on for fear of wasting it. The rest of the box will be a surprise. We promise the suspense will be worth it. Countless hours are spent searching for the best sample products to include in each box. We want the boxes to be not only useful but fun.

We understand that cloth diapering can sometimes be stressful and a little more work than sposies (disposables), especially when you are constantly trying to convince your family and friends that cloth diapering now is WAY different that it was in the age of plastic pants. We hope that by providing an awesome box each month, those thoughts will quickly vanish.

Also, your partner called us and said for you to #buyallthediapers.

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